Indiana Jones 4 will hit cinema screens in may 2008 Udoiana Raunes searched for Indy4 in may 2005
„In a long-awaited announcement, George Lucas and Steven Spielberg revealed today that the fourth installment of Indiana Jones will begin production in June 2007.“

(Official press release from 02.01.2007)
Make Indiana Jones IV happen and force Steven Spielberg, George Lucas, Harrison Ford and Sean Connery to agree on a script and get down to work!

How to install and run the game?

Download the game and unzip the file. A folder called "raunes3" will be created. Open the folder, doubleclick on the file "raunes3.exe" (don't be afraid, it's NOT a virus!) and the adventure begins...

What is the name "Udoiana Raunes" for?

It arouse from the name of one of our teachers in school "Udo Rau".He looked a little bit like Indy when he was teachinggeography. We created the first Udoiana Raunes game in 1997 and sold it at our school in Munich, Germany. It was a lot more successful than the student magazine.

Why create a MS-DOS game in 2005?

That's a very very good question. We simply loved the old Monkey Island
and Indiana Jones games so much, that we decided to do a third Udoiana Raunes game in 2005 after the 1st (1997) and 2nd (1998).We simply used the old engine and 'cause we were still waiting for Indiana Jones 4 to come we created a story about the endless "pre"production of the movie...

Did you ask George Lucas for permission?

No, but we asked him another thing. The inventor and illustrator of the game, Stefan, shook hands with George Lucas at the Hollywood Film Festival in October 2005. Stefan was there because his short movie "Dangerous Animal" was nominated. He told Lucas "please please please do a 4th Indiana Jones movie, please!"His wife began to laugh and Lucas just said: "okay, I will". Mission completed!

Will there be more Udoiana Raunes games?

Play our "Udoiana Raunes - In Search for Indiana Jones 4" and you'll know the answer!